Saturday, May 20, 2017


From Victoria we took the ferry to Port Angeles - a good way to bypass Vancouver and Seattle and travel the beautiful Olympic peninsula instead.

Ruby Beach, WA

About an hour past Port Angeles we saw a sign for the Olympic Discovery Trail so we stopped to have a look and stretch our legs. Although it was in the middle of nowhere the trail was actually paved. We thought it was a loop but it never seemed to loop so eventually we turned around and went back the way we came. That was a good choice since it turns out the whole trail is 125 miles long, although it's not all completed.

mossy trees

Trillium (?)

We found a nice restaurant in Aberdeen (Redeviva) for supper and then camped at Twin Harbours State Park on the coast. I always enjoy watching the Sanderlings run around in the surf.


sand dollar

After our morning walk on the beach we stopped at Elixir for coffee with nice views of the water. Our next stop was at the Wallapa Wildlife Refuge where we walked the Art Trail and the Cutthroat Climb loop.

Willapa Wildlife Refuge

The new growth is so green this time of year.

new pine needles

When we were leaving we passed two older ladies with binoculars, birders, I assume. They saw my camera and asked if we'd found anything. I said, "Yes, beetles, and slugs, and millipedes, ...". I could tell that wasn't what they would consider good finds! But to me, all Darwin's creatures are wonderful.

Yellow-spotted millipede


banana slug

Even the bark and the moss is fascinating.

tree bark


I even found a few reflections :-)

trees reflected

The next night we stayed at a favorite spot, the Astoria Cannery Pier Hotel and ate at another favorite, the Bridgewater Bistro.

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