Thursday, May 18, 2017

Victoria Butterfly Gardens

I always like butterfly gardens, and it made a good stop in the rain.

Green Moss Peacock butterfly

There are always lots of butterflies, the question is whether they sit still in a spot where I can photograph them. I also prefer to get them in natural settings - not sitting on the wall or on the fruit they put out for them, even though that is where they tend to sit still.

Brown Clipper butterfly

White Tree Nymph butterfly

Zebra butterfly

There were also a few caterpillars around. This interesting looking one is from the Giant Owl Butterfly,

caterpillar of Giant Owl Butterfly

And a few other miscellaneous insects, including leafcutter ants. Leafcutter ants have different "castes" which vary in size. I assume the two in this photo are two different castes. The smaller "minors" are actually the soldiers that defend the foragers.

leafcutter ant

Praying mantis are a favorite of mine.


There were also parrots and flamingos, and a few turtles.


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