Friday, May 26, 2017



After our brief sojourn in Bend we headed back to the coast, taking a slightly different route to get us to Newport where we stopped in at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. It's not a huge aquarium, but quite nice - worth visiting if you're in the area and like that sort of thing.

sea otter

Horned puffin


We camped at Cape Lookout State Park. (A coastal paraglider soaring site, but the winds were wrong.) We walked to the beach to watch the sunset, saw other people enjoying a glass of wine, and went back to the car and fetched the bottle of Ortega we'd bought at Symphony Vineyard near Victoria. It made a fine accompaniment to the the wonderful show of waves and setting sun.


As usual, I wasn't using a tripod but I attempted a few shots with slow shutter speeds. This was 1/8 of a second. (Sitting and braced, and thanks to a stabilized lens.)


Although the color of the sunset stood out, the backlit waves were also interesting in black and white.


Of course, I couldn't resist a few reflection shots.

sunset reflections

Barn swallows without a barn were using the side of the campground washrooms as a substitute.

Barn swallow

Walking to the washroom in the morning I spotted this light show and couldn't resist going back for my camera. Beats a hotel lobby!

sun through the trees

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