Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

The best part of visiting this nature reserve wasn't the herons (we only saw one from a distance) but the rabbits. We found them on the paths in several places, but one in particular was quite a cooperative subject.


Moving slowly, I got quite close to it and then crouched down to take photos. After I stopped moving it settled down and when back to nibbling on the plants. But then I was surprised when it started to move towards me. It was obviously aware of me and would stop and look at me every so often. The closer it got, the more nervous it was, until finally it made a break for it and dashed by me and then Shelley and continued on down the path. I'm not quite sure why it was so determined to go past us down the path!


I also enjoyed the flowers and insects:


bee on flower

And a few reflections:

reflected flowers

See also, Shelley's photos of the rabbit sneaking by me.

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