Saturday, May 13, 2017


Our first day in Victoria we took a long walk around the city. We started the day at Moka House Coffee at Fisherman's Wharf. The colorful boats and house boats make for good reflections.


From there we took the water taxi across the bay and walked the path along the water to Dockside Green. There were several great blue herons hunting along the shore.

great blue heron

We couldn't pass up something tasty from Fol Epi Bakery where I enjoyed watching the sparrows taking a bath in the pond.

sparrow bath

sparrow bath

Victoria, especially in the spring, is full of flowers.



We walked across the Bay Street bridge and over to Government Street which we followed downtown, through Chinatown. We stopped in at Silk Road Tea so Shelley could stock up. And of course, we had to visit MEC.  By then it was time for lunch and we managed to get in to Rebar (busy place!)

After lunch we continued past the Empress and walked across Beacon Hill Park, with plenty of stops for photography :-)


Mallard duck


turtles on a log





After traversing the park we walked along Dallas Road to see where they paraglide. It looked a little sketchy - not a lot of height, and somewhat restricted launching and landing areas. The wind wasn't right anyway.

beach by Dallas road

pebble beach

Our feet were sore by the time we completed the loop back to the Coast Hotel where we're staying. We finished off the day with supper at Laurel Point and watching the sun set through dramatic thunderclouds from the lounge at the hotel.

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