Saturday, July 01, 2017

Photos of the Week

The lasting pleasures of contact with the natural world are not reserved for scientists but are available to anyone who will place themselves under the influence of earth sea and sky and their amazing life. - Rachel Carson, The Sense of Wonder
White Pelican

I love watching the pelicans by the weir. They are, at the same time, both the clumsiest looking birds, and the most graceful. It's always hard work for them to take off from the water, but then they soar so effortlessly.

Of course, there are lots of the other usual suspects around like robins and magpies and crows and ducks and gulls.

American Robin with worm

crow and window

And plenty of flowers.



bee on flower

That one makes a good segue to the bugs :-) I still enjoy spotting fishing spiders. Have only seen one with an egg sac this year, but this is another one that looks ready to lay eggs. They are predators, but I have never seen them catching or eating anything. I almost always see them on these water plants, but that may be because they're easy to spot on them.

fishing spider

Lots of water striders on the pond. They zoom around so easily, but how do they get traction on the water? Good demonstration of surface tension in any case. I like how the water is pretty much black and white with nice shading.

water strider

Meadowhawk dragonfly

Water lily, damselflies, and water strider :-)

water lily with damselflies

And of course, the koi.


And eventually it's time to head home.

green tunnel

Most of these were taken with a new camera, a Sony RX10iii, more on that later.

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