Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Photos of the Week

Western Tiger Swallowtail

Having spent much of my lunch break taking photographs, I headed back inside the building and back to work. Walking through the building I noticed something on the bush outside the windows. Looking closer I saw it was a large butterfly. I watched it for a few minutes expecting it to flutter away. But it didn't move. I decided to take a chance on it staying put and headed back through the building, out the doors, and back around to where it was. It was still there so I got out my camera. As usual, I took photos as I approached, since you never know how long it'll stay. In this case it sat perfectly still as I got closer and closer. With the camera within inches, I had just about decided it must be dead when suddenly it came back to life and flew away. Strange, but I'm not complaining since I got some good photographs. I've seen a few of these flying around outside my second floor office window so it was nice to catch one up close.

I also saw another jackrabbit, this one seemed smaller than the one I usually see, maybe a juvenile.


And lots of flowers, of course.


Clematis (?)


Iris up close

Nearing the end of the lilacs and they are shedding their flowers on the ground.

fallen lilac flowers

On the other hand, the water lilies are just starting.

water lily

There are lots of these bluet damselflies around the pond (not sure exactly which species), many of them mating. (This was taken with the ZS100 telephoto since they won't let you get close enough for the normal macro mode.)

Damselflies mating

And one of my favorites, the fishing spiders. This was smaller than the ones I usually see with an egg sac. I've seen a few larger ones with swollen abdomens, presumably getting ready to lay eggs. The females are much larger than the males ~ 60mm versus 10mm.

Fishing spider with egg sac

I don't usually think of Cedar Waxwings as summer birds, but there were a group of them in the apple trees. Hard to get a clear shot though.

Cedar Waxwing

It seems like I've been taking and posting a lot of photographs lately. It's hard to resist - summer is such an explosion of life after our frozen winter.

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