Thursday, July 20, 2017

Photos of the Week

A random assortment of photos taken at Innovation Place and on my walks back and forth to work.

I always enjoy seeing the pelicans at the weir. (Taken from the railway bridge with the RX10m3's 600mm lens)

white pelicans at the weir

I had trouble tracking this Swainson's hawk against a bright sky. If only I could fly my paraglider half as gracefully.

Swainson's hawk

Lots of different water lilies on the pond these days. The water is somewhat dirty and distracting so it's nice to be able to turn it black.

water lily

I love the details of them. Sometimes they seem to glow with an inner light.

water lily closeup

water lily closeup

The giant water lilies aren't flowering yet, but the leaves are impressive (about 18 inches across!)

giant water lily

Lots of other flowers around too. Interesting to observe the flowering process.




I'm not sure what kind of flower this is, it's on a large bush / small tree and the flowers are huge - grapefruit sized, and quite interesting inside.


And the usual birds are about - sparrows, robins, magpies, crows, and chickadees. The sparrows know to come around the outdoor tables where people eat lunch, looking for crumbs.


This robin was shy about having a bath while I was watching. Every time I moved to get a better angle it would stop and look around innocently.

American Robin

The jackrabbits are becoming common at Innovation Place. It's a rare day when I don't see them, and usually it's several times a day. Some of them are smaller so I assume there's a new generation around. They seem even more tolerant of people than their parents.


My thanks again to Innovation Place for their lovely gardens, and for being able to walk to work along the river.

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