Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Montana Abstracts

Of course, in between hiking and flying I took lots of photos on my recent Montana trip. I'm posting these "abstract" ones separately since they're not everyone's cup of tea.

I noticed the wildflowers as soon as I drove into the Bear Paw mountains. There were masses of them everywhere. To me, this shot has an "impressionist" feel to it.


One evening I was wandering along the creek beside my campsite. There were some great reflections of the warm evening light but some kind of flying insect was swarming over the water. And the cottonwood seeds were blowing everywhere like snow. So many of my reflection photos had out of focus bugs and fluff in them. Some still worked out though.

Green leaves versus blue sky.



I like the "smooth" look of this next one:



Flowing water by itself is enough to keep me interested

flowing water

flowing water

The low morning and evening light was also pretty on the grasses:

backlit grasses


Lots of lichen on the rocks, a good sign of clean air


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