Friday, July 07, 2017

Montana Nature


This rabbit greeted me at the campground when I arrived and was ok with me taking its photo, as long as I didn't get too close. There were lots of deer around as well although I didn't get many photos of them. This one had a lopsided set of antlers.

deer running away

But the highlights were the wildflowers.

lupin flowers


wild rose


ladybug on flowers

Even the prickly pear cactus were blooming.

prickly pear cactus flowers

Of course, I was on the lookout for other critters. I found this Northern Leopard Frog in a small dammed pond for cattle. I had the camera within a few inches of it before it got fed up and jumped away. It's nice to see them since, although still relatively common, they are threatened (as are many amphibians) by habitat loss, pollution, and disease.

Northern Leopard frog

I think this is some kind of Fritillary butterfly but there are several that are very similar.

Fritillary (?) butterfly

There were lots of birds around as well.

Cedar Waxwing

American Goldfinch

Gray Catbird

Red-winged blackbird

White Pelicans taking off

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