Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Window Seat

I always like to get a window seat when I fly. I love watching the view from the air - it's such a different viewpoint. Of course, I get that viewpoint when I fly my paraglider, but I'm nowhere near as high. And, of course, I like to try to capture that view with my camera. It's difficult to get good results through a small dirty scratched window, with the vibration of the plane, and the haze from 4 or 5 miles of atmosphere. But the results can be unique. (for example, this or this)

These photos were from the flight back from Loreto, Baja, Mexico to Los Angeles.

Baja island

Baja peninsula

Sometimes it's the "texture" of the scenery that attracts me. This is some of the mountainous interior of Baja.

Baja interior

The Colorado river delta made some intriguing patterns, somewhat fractal.

Colorado river delta

Colorado river delta

These are all fairly heavily processed, especially to increase the contrast. Lightroom's "Dehaze" feature works well on aerial shots.

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