Sunday, October 01, 2017

Santa Barbara, Alice Keck Park

Because we went paragliding every day in Santa Barbara, we didn't have a lot of time for other things. However, we did visit Alice Keck Memorial Gardens. We had stopped there last time but it started raining so we didn't spend much time. This time it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the flowers and ducks and turtles.

When we walked into the park and over to the pond I noticed a single turtle and started taking photographs of it. Then we realized that there were literally hundreds of turtles in the small pond!



There were lots out sunning and also lots swimming around, where often all you saw was their head sticking out. (With nice reflections from the greenery and flowers.)

turtle & reflections

There were also lots of nice flowers, including masses of bougainvillea:


And hibiscus:


The bees were enjoying the flowers as well: (so were the butterflies, but they wouldn't sit still to be photographed!)

bee on flowers

There were lots of ducks and they were obviously quite accustomed to people so I got some good close up "portraits".




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