Friday, October 06, 2017

Loreto Sunrise

After four days in a row of scuba diving we decided to take a day off. Soon after we got up I looked outside and noticed orange clouds so we grabbed cameras and headed for the shore (a block from the apartment we're renting). Because it faces east, Loreto doesn't see the sunset, but it makes up for it with the sunrises.

sunrise and fisherman

sunrise and fishing boat

sunrise and sea lion statue

I spotted the juvenile heron again and took a few more photos:

Yellow-crowned night heron juvenile

There was also a giant egret (aka great white heron) fishing off the dock. It had to bend right over to reach the fish in the water but it seemed quite successful.

Great egret (aka great white heron)

Great egret (aka great white heron)

Great egret (aka great white heron)

Someone walked by and it flew over to the next dock. I managed to catch it just as it landed.

Great egret (aka great white heron)

There were reflections, of course:

reflections of palm trees

seagull and reflections

Loreto is pretty in the morning light.

Loreto marina

Maybe this seagull is thinking the same thing.


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