Wednesday, June 22, 2016


On our way home we stopped in Summerland hoping to connect with a friend there. Unfortunately that didn't work out, but we did luck out with a half price mid week deal at the Lakefront Hotel, which happens to be next door to Local, one of our favorite restaurants in Summerland. The Lakefront Hotel is also relatively eco-friendly, using geothermal for heating and cooling, and with a small natural wetland between the hotel and lake.

In the morning I was planning to walk around the wetland with my camera, but it started raining so instead I set up my tripod, gimbal head, and long lens on the balcony which was sheltered from the rain. It was a little far from the wetland, but it was fun to watch the ducks and the red-winged blackbirds. I also saw what I think was a muskrat swim by. (One of the staff told me there was a "baby beaver" but I suspect muskrat.)



duck in the rain

Red-winged blackbird

I also couldn't resist a few shots of the rain falling on the hotel swimming pool.

rain on swimming pool

After the rain stopped we went for a walk around the wetland. That let me get some closer shots, but the vegetation blocked a lot of the view.

Red-winged blackbird


These were taken with the Sigma 150-600 Contemporary which I've been pretty happy with. Since it focuses quite close, in a pinch it'll do for other subjects like flowers.

flowers in the rain

At supper at the Local we had a couple of glasses of wine that I chose by my usual scientific method of: local (in this case Summerland) and something different (Gamay Noir). We really enjoyed the wine so we stopped by the winery (Okanagan Crush Pad) on our way out of town. Unfortunately, they were sold out of that one but we picked up a few others.


I also took a few pictures wandering around town, including this California quail in someone's front yard. They are such humorous birds.

California quail

And this tiny flower in a ditch, which turned out to have wonderful details.


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