Monday, June 20, 2016


Our plan was to rock climb and paraglide in Leavenworth (WA). The paragliding part didn't work out, but we got in a few good days of climbing. The first day we did a couple of three pitch trad routes. The second day we did some single pitch sport routes. Granite slab climbing with no holds takes some getting used to! There is lots of climbing around Leavenworth but it is spread out over a bunch of different locations so both days we climbed we had the sites to ourselves.

Shelley climbing

Shelley leading a trad route

Shelley rappelling down

We also visited Silvara Winery, where we enjoyed the wine (particularly the unoaked Chardonnay, Meritage, and Malbec) and the tons of flowers in their gardens. When it rained all the next day we went back and enjoyed the live music (and more wine, of course!) There are lots of tasting rooms in Leavenworth, but it's much nicer to visit the wineries. It's a hard life being dirtbag climbers :-)

Shelley read her book while I took photos of the flowers. Don't worry, I still managed to drink my wine :-)

Shelley relaxing at Silvara winery



The bees were enjoying the lavender: (check out the load of pollen)

bee on flowers

I'm not sure what these interesting flowers are:


I love nature's intricate designs and small details.



(two handheld shots focus stacked)

For more of these, see all 32 photos as a slideshow or an overview

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