Sunday, June 05, 2016

Oregon Coast

Our road trip continued south down the coast from Astoria. We stopped for a walk on Cannon Beach.

Cannon Beach

It was hard to catch this tern diving for food since the dives were sudden and rapid.

tern about to dive

A new variation for my reflection photos.

Shelley's reflection in the sand

We also stopped at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. It's fairly small, but quite nice. I love the bright green color of these anemones, but black and white shows off the light and shape.


One of the Tufted Puffins was having a vigorous bath. Maybe he was trying to fix a bad hair day :-)

Tufted Puffin

The sea otters are always so cute, even when they are just sleeping.

sea otter

Even some of the fish seem to have character!


We camped just past Florence where I spotted this millipede as we were packing up.


I was taking photos of these flowers when a bee decided to visit.

bee on flowers

I'm a bit behind on posting photos, but I haven't been taking as many while we're paragliding so I'm catching up.

For more of these photos, see all 22 as a slideshow or overview

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