Sunday, June 12, 2016

Herd Peak

Our last day of paragliding we headed to Herd Peak. The weather forecast was good, but unfortunately the wind was too strong to launch. ("blown out" in paragliding lingo) On the positive side, it was so strong that we didn't have to hum and haw over whether to fly.

We drove up to the launch anyway. There are beautiful views of Mt. Shasta and the wildflowers were wonderful. Normally I like to take close ups of flowers but with the wind so strong that was pretty much impossible.

lupins and Mt. Shasta

Indian Paintbrush

I managed to get this close up by finding a flower inside a bush where it was sheltered from the wind.


Since we had time, we stopped in at the nearby Living Memorial Sculpture Garden.

Living Memorial sculptures

Living Memorial sculptures

Living Memorial sculptures

These photos were taken with the little ZS100 since I thought we'd be flying, not photographing.

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