Sunday, February 04, 2018

Window Seat

Despite my guilt at burning fossil fuels by flying 10,000 km around the world, I do love to see the world from up high. Crossing the prairies didn't supply much scenery other than the occasional farm lights.

farm lights on the prairie

And some interesting drainage patterns:


And ripples in the clouds:



Finally reaching the Rockies:


It's always a challenge to identify where you are from the air. I think that's the trans-canada at the top left and the back of Mt. Yamnuska at the left.

sunrise on the Rockies

The rising sun lit up the mountains and the clouds

sunrise on the Rockies

From Vancouver to Hong Kong the great circle route goes up the west coast passing not far from Whitehorse and Anchorage before heading over the Aleutians to Kamchatka. There are lots of mountains for much of the way. We must have passed Mt. Logan and Mt. McKinlay but it was hard to identify them. We left Vancouver at noon and arrived in Hong Kong at 5pm, chasing the sun so it never set.

mountains & clouds

Some big icefields and glaciers along the way.

mountains & clouds


Some of the terrain made interesting abstract patterns:




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