Monday, February 05, 2018

Hong Kong

Our first day in Hong Kong we planned to take the tram up Victoria Peak to go for a hike (good for jet lag) but the crowds were too much for us - we'd forgotten it was Sunday. So we went to the free public aviary and zoo instead. They were busy too, but not as bad.


I always enjoy walk through aviaries. It's a little harder to spot the birds than in little cages, but it's more natural and you don't have to try to photograph through mesh. And the birds are used to people so you can often get quite close.


Although it's verging on bigger than I'd like, I'm quite happy with the new Tamron 18 - 400 lens. The extra reach was great for the birds. It was a cloudy day and quite dim light in the aviary so I was definitely depending on the high ISO abilities of modern cameras.


Java sparrow

Shelley complains that I wear drab colors (gray and black) that don't show up well in photographs. You can't say the same about her!

Shelley in the aviary

These two seem quite curious about me.


I like close up "portraits" of birds that let you see the details.


Walking through the park I was on the lookout for turtles in the ponds. At first I thought it must be too cool for them to be out, but for some reason they were all congregated in one small pond.


Of course, the water itself was also a worthy subject.


Unofficial resident of the zoo:


I'm not a big fan of cities, but the reflections catch my eye:

building reflections

building reflections

And just to prove that we did at least walk through the malls.

in the mall

The next day we made it up to Victoria Peak for a good walk. The rhododendrons are just starting to bloom. (We're hoping to see more in Nepal.)

rhododendron flower

Only a few other flowers


And I managed to catch a few of the skittish wild birds



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