Friday, February 09, 2018

Nan Lian Garden

The next day, for a change of pace, we headed to Kowloon to the Nan Lian Garden run by the Chi Lin Nunnery. We went here the last time we were in Hong Kong and really enjoyed the peace and quiet - such a contrast from the crowds outside. And it has a nice (vegetarian) restaurant for lunch.


One of the themes for my photography at the gardens was abstracts. There was a pottery display and they had closeups of some of the glazes which prompted me to capture some of them myself. (click to view larger)

pottery glazes   pottery glazes

pottery glazes   pottery glazes

pottery glazes

The garden has a large collection of attractive stones, something you don't see much in our "western" culture. I took more abstract closeups of some of them.

20180207-DSC_3582   20180207-DSC_3607

rock   stone

Another abstract of koi swimming through the reflections of bougainvillea flowers.

bougainvillea reflections

Leading to more water abstracts.

falling water   falling water

falling water   falling water

Another theme was the contrast between the peaceful garden and the hectic traffic and malls right outside the walls.

temple & highrises

contrast of garden & mall

Shelley at temple

Of course, I had to try to catch any local wildlife, from a sparrow to a spotted dove to a red-whiskered bulbul.



red-whiskered bulbul

Although spring hasn't really arrived yet, there were still a few flowers around, including bougainvillea and water lilies.


water lily

If you like gardens, it's definitely worth a visit. And if you don't mind crowds, the subway goes right there (with one change, coming from central)


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