Sunday, February 11, 2018

Kathmandu Garden of Dreams

One of the spots we like to visit in Kathmandu is the Garden of Dreams. It's a quiet green oasis in the middle of the chaos surrounding it. There's even a restaurant and a bar inside. Unless you noticed the small sign, you'd have no idea what was on the other side of the wall beside the busy street.


The flowers weren't at their best this time of the year, but there were still some to take photos of.


There are lots of these "chipmunks" in the garden.


And a few birds around. Anyone know what this one is? The red underneath the tail and the dark head should be identifiable.


There are lots of these Indian Crows around. They're originally from Asia, but have now spread to many parts of the world. Large beaks relative to the size of their head.

Indian Crow

The fountains are also a nice contrast to the dry dusty streets outside.



falling water

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  1. I think the bird-on-a-wire is a Red-vented bulbul