Saturday, November 12, 2016

Nice, France part 2

We had left ourselves a few extra days for our hike which we didn't need, so we spent the time back in Nice. Our first day we went to Monaco, the second we went to Le Parc Phoenix. It was a cool, rainy day so we spent most of our time in the greenhouse / conservatory. I imagine the park and conservatory would be lovely on a sunny summer day, but even on a gray fall / winter day it was still interesting.


I barely made it through the door before I spotted these leaves backlit against the sky.

backlit leaves

I always enjoy Hibiscus flowers. These were some of the largest I've ever seen!

huge Hibiscus!

Other plants were less familiar, I have no idea what these are:

unusual plant

I really liked the pattern of leaves of this plant. I can't decide whether I like closer or further, or color or black and white. What do you think?



Here are a few random shots from around town. This light fixture was on the ceiling of a restaurant where we had lunch.

light fixture


enjoying the sun

We walked through a park and by a fountain and the sun shining through the falling water caught my eye. (Which meant Shelley waited patiently while I tried to capture it!) I played with the shutter speed to either freeze the water drops or turn them into streaks.

backlit fountain

backlit fountain

backlit fountain

We don't usually visit too many museums, but we were running out of things to do, so we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art. I don't mind abstract art (like the photos above), but I have a hard time with this modern art. Other than the famous artist, what exactly makes a piece of pipe or a crushed car a "work of art"? Personally I enjoyed the photos I took outside the museum more than the contents!

art museum reflected

backlit leaf

I managed a few shots from our flight from Nice to Vienna. Here's Monaco with the Oceanographic Museum in the center.


I accidentally focused on the wing instead of the clouds for this one, but I quite like the result.


It was pretty cloudy most of the way, but near Vienna the sun broke through in the distance.


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