Monday, November 07, 2016

Bonifacio, Corsica

From Erbulunga at the north east end of Corsica, we drove to Bonifacio at the southern tip. We stayed at Hotel A Cheda, just outside of town. It was set in a nice garden with quirky rooms. This is where I saw the Hummingbird hawk-moth. As soon as you get to the harbor in Bonifacio you see the citadel looming over you.


Our first view was at night, with gaudy colored lights on the citadel. (my iPhone 5 struggled with this shot)

Bonifacio at night

Parking is a big issue here (and expensive). You can drive up to the old town inside the walls of the citadel, but the streets are steep and narrow. Better to either walk up or take the little tourist "train". Here's the view looking down from the citadel.

Bonifacio harbor

We took a boat trip from here. It was windy and the ocean was rough. We started out sitting outside but after the first waves splashed over us we moved inside!


The old town is built right to the edge of the cliffs on the ocean side.


An old stairway runs down the cliff to a spring that was a source of water. It would have been hard work carrying water up!


stairs down wall

It was interesting to explore the old town (where people still live) and fortifications and see where Napoleon Bonaparte lived. Here is one of the entrances. It still has some of the machinery for the drawbridge.

entrance to citadel


We also drove around the area. A couple of windsurfers were taking advantage of the strong winds.


And more interesting plants and animals




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