Friday, November 11, 2016

Ajaccio, Corsica

From Bonifacio we drove to Ajaccio, about halfway up the west coast of Corsica. Ajaccio is a bigger city and a cruise ship stop. The city wasn't particularly attractive but the market was interesting and we did find a good restaurant in a quiet backstreet that seemed to be a favorite with locals - Le Directoire. And I really enjoyed the turtle sanctuary A Cupulatta.

Ajaccio market

Ajaccio market

Great cheese in Corsica.


I'm not a fan of these huge cruise ships and the overwhelming influx of people they disgorge.

fishing nets vs floating hotel (cruise ship)

The turtle sanctuary was large and well laid out. They have a huge number of turtles of various kinds, some native, some imported, some rescued. A lot of them were out and visible, despite the cool fall weather.



This little guy grabbed a big piece of food and "sprinted" for the security of the water. His shell looks a bit misshapen, he might have been one of the rescues.


I also enjoyed some of the other inhabitants of the park.



Tyrrhenian wall lizard

And, of course, we enjoyed the scenery and small towns in the countryside around Ajaccio. I wish we had lovely treed town squares with cafes like this in Canada and the US.

town square

late sun on coast

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