Sunday, November 06, 2016

Good Timing

Shelley and I are back from our 10 day Mare e Monti Nord hike in Corsica. It was a great hike and I plan to post more about it, along with some of the many photos I took along the way.

Fall is the rainiest season in Corsica so we were very happy to have great weather on the hike. We had a little rain one evening and night and got sprinkled on another day but that was the extent of it. Most of the time is was clear and sunny.

We appreciated this even more because the two days following our hike it's been raining most of the time, including a huge thunderstorm last night. We are very glad we weren't hiking in it! Apart from the discomfort of hiking in the rain, the trail includes a lot of steep lichen covered rock that would be treacherous when wet.

The photo above was from our hotel room at sunset when the sun temporarily broke through and lit up the clouds.

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