Saturday, April 08, 2017

Last Ice

With the warmer spring weather I've been taking lots of photos. (Roughly 1000 in the last week, but don't worry, I won't try to share them all :-) Mostly they're of nature awakening, but I couldn't resist the abstract patterns and shapes of the melting ice.

bubbles in ice

ice and grass

Usually I try to be conservative with processing my photos. My goal is to make them look their best, without looking artificial. I'm a little more aggressive with my abstracts. Most of these ice shots were converted to black and white (which helps to hide the dirt) given a healthy dose of clarity and contrast, and then split toned slightly blue (because to me that's how ice looks).




Occasionally I get the urge to crank some sliders to the max and see what happens. Here's a couple of results.

bubbles in ice

leaf in ice

To balance all this cold abstract ice, here's a few softer, more realistic subjects.

last year's cattail

frosty feathers


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