Thursday, April 20, 2017

Larch Flowers

There aren't a lot of larches around Saskatoon, but I've become a fan after watching the ones at Innovation Place. The tiny flowers in the spring are my favorite and I eagerly watch the trees for their appearance. (Check out the earlier stage) So far they are quite sparse, only a few per tree. Maybe more will come later.

larch flower

These are still quite tiny, maybe 1/4 inch. They'll get a bit bigger as they open up. I took these shots with my iPhone 7 plus with the Kamerar macro lens using the Lightroom app to shoot Raw. It does a great job, but between the high magnification and the very shallow depth of focus it's tricky to get a good shot. I just kept clicking as I tried to hold steady and move slightly closer or farther to get in focus. Most of the shots were no good (too fuzzy) but a few came out pretty well. (I'm not sure where the "rays" in the background of this one came from.)

larch flower

I'm sure most people walk right by these trees without noticing the exquisite flowers. The pink color stands out, but they're so small, and the trees are otherwise so bare, that they're not very noticeable.

larch flower

I like how the needles emerge around the flowers. Other buds produce groups of needles, but no flowers. Eventually, the flowers turn into cones.

larch flower

These aren't anything to do with larches, but I took them on the same walk home. They don't look like much yet, but they're another flower that I look forward to - lilacs. The house I grew up in (in Saskatoon) had a big lilac bush near the front door. I didn't pay much attention to it at the time, but the smell still reminds me of summer and home.

lilac buds

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