Sunday, August 21, 2016

Montana Abstracts

I took too many photos in Montana to post all at once, so I split them up by "type". Feel free to skip these abstracts if they're not your cup of tea. I imagine if you don't like them, they all look boringly similar. Personally, I love the infinite variety of shapes and colors and patterns.

reflections of clouds

There was just enough of a breeze to make interesting ripples on the water. Black and white emphasizes the patterns. (The eye is easily distracted by color.)


Here's the pebbled beach

pebble beach

Of course, I always like the reflections of the trees combined with the ripples in the water


A lucky shot as these birds flew by over the reflections of the sunrise

birds  over water at sunrise

And sunset reflections at the other end of the day

sunset reflections

When I first walked by this rock outcropping I scared a tiny rabbit that hightailed it out of there before I could take its photo. I went by there a half dozen times more but never saw it again. The lichens growing on the rocks were a more cooperative subject.

lichen on rocks

I always enjoy the early morning light, and especially backlit subjects.

backlit grass

I wasn't sure whether to categorize some of these as abstract or not. In theory abstract shots shouldn't be immediately recognizable, and many of these certainly are. But to me it's a question of whether it's more about the shapes and light than the actual subject.


In this next one I was trying to capture the feel of the blinding sparkling sun reflecting off the river around the bush.

bush against sparkling water

This one seemed to naturally fit black and white

b&w ducks

For more of these photos, see all 25 as a slideshow or overview

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