Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Spring in Saskatoon is always a good time. I watch for the first signs of green, for the first buds on the trees. Surprisingly, one of the first examples of new growth I noticed was a patch of moss. (I'm assuming the shoots are part of the moss, but maybe they're another plant growing up through it?) I noticed it a few days ago but the light was flat. This morning there was nice low warm sunlight shining on it.


Of course, once I had my camera out I found a few more things to take photos of :-)

They had started the stream running at the Innovation Place pond, even though the pond itself was still frozen. It had been cold enough the night before to create some interesting ice formations.




I used a slow shutter speed to blur the water in a few of the shots (carefully trying to hold steady since that's really tripod territory). This is a tinted black and white since I found the color of the rock distracting.

flowing water

These were taken with the little RX100m2 which continues to please me.

For more of these photos see all 13 as a slideshow or overview

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