Saturday, April 23, 2016

Photos of the Day

Walking home I spotted my first gopher (Richardson's ground squirrel) of the year, unfortunately not in a very natural setting! They've probably been out for a while since I often see them when there is still snow on the ground.


And the robins are around, of course. I hear some stayed around all through our mild winter this year. (Nice to see the grass starting to grow.)

American Robin

Most of the trees are flowering now. I'm not sure what kind this is.

flowering trees

I think these next ones are some kind of cottonwood (same genus as poplars).

Cottonwood catkins

Closer to home I heard tapping and thought woodpecker although it didn't sound like on a tree. I homed in on the intermittent sound and eventually spotted this small Downy woodpecker pecking at the top of a telephone pole. Apparently this tapping is not feeding, it's the woodpecker equivalent of bird song.

Downy woodpecker

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