Monday, October 03, 2016

Zell am See

After meeting up with our paragliding group and getting a flight near Salzburg, we headed south to Zell am See, a ski town beside a lake. We stayed at Der Schmittenhof, a nice hotel conveniently close to the mountain (although a bit of a walk to town).

Shelley pre launch

We rode the gondola to the top of the mountain to launch. My first flight here was my best. I managed to find a thermal and climb quite high and then explore down the valley. Two other people in our group kept going down the valley and one of them went about 40 km. I turned back and landed at the regular LZ. We flew here a couple of days and had good flights, if not quite as long as that first one.

It was nice countryside to wander around.



Our second day we finished flying in time to take the free boat ride around the lake (which we almost missed because one of our fellow pilots "made" us stop for gelato :-) The first attraction was the water jets (fountains). At night they have a light show using them.

fountain in the lake

Of course, water and late afternoon light made for some good reflections.

buildings & reflections

And some nice light on the scenery


If you had lots of money, the Grand Hotel looked like the place to stay. (There are rich folk around, for example the Porsche family comes from here.)

Grand Hotel

The hotel terrace was especially attractive: (the beautiful weather didn't hurt!)

terrace by the lake

I love all the flower boxes everywhere, old and new:



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