Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Salzburg, Austria

We took the train from Vienna to Salzburg (quick and easy) to meet up with our paragliding group. We only had a day there, but enjoyed wandering around the old town and visiting the huge castle complex on the hill (one of the largest medieval castles in Europe). Our hotel was on the other side of the ridge from old town, but there was a tunnel that made it easy to walk through. Salzburg was the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and was the setting for The Sound of Music. It's known for it baroque architecture and is a world heritage site.

Salzburg old town and castle

Lots of attractive paths and buildings.


One of the first things we noticed was the pedestrian bridge crossing the river, covered in "love locks". Apparently this is spreading, there was even a fence of them in Makarska, Croatia.

Love locks on the Makartsteg footbridge

The leaves were just starting to change color here (long past at home!)

autumn colors

We happened to wander into the Mirabell palace gardens which were lovely. The flowers were at the end of their season but still colorful.

Mirabell Palace


bee on flower

There were lots of statues and sculptures around town, some old, some new.




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