Sunday, August 07, 2016

Photos of the Week

More flowers, hard to resist when they'll all be gone soon!

flower closeup

After taking several shots of this, I realized that only the tip would be in focus so I shot some more with a smaller aperture (f/16). That did get more of the flower into focus, but I decided I liked this selective focus better.

I can never remember what this plant is, but I always enjoy photographing it. There is one that hangs over the path I walk to work. Strangely, I never notice the flowers, just this (seed?) stage. Decided to go with black and white for this backlit shot.


The hibiscus are still blooming around the pond at work. (It's the pattern of the paving stones you can see in the background.)

Hibiscus flower

And the water lilies.

Water lilies

These mushrooms popped up all over the park near our house - a result of recent rain, I guess. I couldn't resist the grasshopper sitting on one.

grasshopper on mushroom

Have I mentioned that I like backlit photos :-) This is another one from the back alley. (As was the first photo above.) My father used to like to bring flowers into the house and set up with lights and flashes and backdrop and tripod. Personally I like to catch 'em in the "wild". Maybe I'm just lazy!


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