Sunday, April 03, 2016

Prints of the Week

Time to change up some of my household gallery. Someone recently posted a photo on Facebook that reminded me of some photos I took on a flight to Vancouver. It was one of those very early morning flights that few of us are particularly fond of. (Alpine starts should be reserved for climbing!) On the positive side though, it did mean some lovely early morning views of the mountains. Taken through an airplane window, this shot isn't as sharp as I'd normally like for a large print but it's more about the shape anyway.


Traveling west, racing the sun, meant it was still nice morning light and fog when we arrived in Vancouver. This is the tops of one of the suspension bridges poking through the clouds/fog.


Later that day on the subsequent flight from Vancouver to Hong Kong we got some great evening views of Alaska and I took another favorite shot.

The wall I was planning to put these on holds three photos, so I was looking for a third with an "aerial" theme. I took some shots from the plane on the way to Baja last fall, but none of them caught my eye. I figured I should be using some of the photos from my most recent trip and when I started looking through them I realized this one fit the aerial theme.

bird and clouds

I cropped this version a little narrower to print on 13 x 19" paper. I think I prefer this crop since the bottom of the original version is a little distracting. I have to admit that I moved the bird in this photo. When I was taking the shot I was a little slow and I caught the bird heading out of the photo on the left side. So (mis)using Lightroom's Spot Removal tool I moved it to the right so it was flying into the picture. To some photographers that would be heresy, but to me it doesn't misrepresent reality (the bird really did fly by there) so I'm fine with it.

As we watched the clouds and sunset from the deck (of Jinetes de Osa in Drake Bay) there was a steady procession of birds like this one flying from east (town) to west along the coast. Maybe they scrounge around town during the day and head towards the nature reserve to roost for the night?


  1. Nice pictures Andrew. And I don't think you're (mis)using your photo editing software at all. It's not your fault that the silly bird wasn't in the right place in the photo :-) What do vultures know about composition? They're more into decomposition. ;-)