Sunday, April 17, 2016

New Panasonic ZS100 Camera

I recently bought a Panasonic ZS100 to replace my Sony RX100m2 as my everyday carry camera.

Sony RX100ii vs Panasonic ZS100

I've had the RX100m2 for about three years and I'm still pretty happy with it. The main thing that attracted me to the ZS100 was the longer 10x zoom (25 to 250mm, 35mm equivalent) versus 3.6x on the RX100m2 and only 2.9x on the latest RX100m4.

The ZS100 also has a viewfinder, which the RX100m2 is missing (later RX100 models do have a viewfinder). It's not a great viewfinder, but there are times when it'll be handy.

The ZS100 also has better video capabilities (e.g. 4K). I don't shoot much video but it'll be nice to have better quality when I do.

On the other hand the ZS100 lacks the tilting screen of the RX100m2. I did use the tilting screen occasionally, but I can live without it.

It's a similar 1 inch 20 mp sensor in both cameras so I expect low light performance will be much the same.

The ZS100 is physically a bit larger than the RX100, but it's still a small camera that I can throw in my backpack.

I'll be keeping the RX100 for underwater photography since I have a dive housing for it. (And a telephoto is seldom useful underwater.)

Stay tuned for photos from the new camera.

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