Saturday, November 15, 2014

Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Garden

The butterfly garden is close to the bird park and we originally thought we'd visit both in one trip, but we should have known I would need more time than that to take photos :-) Especially when the afternoon rain starts here shortly after lunch.

The butterfly garden is fairly small but the layout is a bit of a maze so you feel like you can wander for quite a while. Thankfully it was pretty quiet here except for a brief interval when we were invaded by a school group of teenagers who came, giggled, took many selfies, and left. I'm not sure they noticed the butterflies. When did everyone get these sticks for taking selfies? I feel behind the times (again).

These butterflies didn't seem quite as cooperative as at Key West. A lot of them refused to sit still for long enough to have their picture taken. But if you spend enough time ... (Shelley found a bench to sit and read her book.) One approach is to find a good spot and wait for them to come to you.

There were so many kinds of butterflies and I took almost 300 photos so even picking out the "good" ones there are a lot. Here are a sample. Check out the full set if you're a butterfly fan.




The "dead leaf" butterflies are very cool. They inside of the wings is often brighter than the outside.


In addition to the butterflies there were dragonflies:


and frogs in the pond:

pond frog

See all 37 photos as a slideshow or overview

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