Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

We spent the morning at the KL Bird Park and really enjoyed. It's a large area with tons of birds, some in cages but many roaming free or in walk in aviaries - great for photography. We had the place almost to ourselves for the first hour or two and even then it never got too crowded.

Just inside the entrance we were greeted by these guys who were busy eating their corn on the cob. Many of the other birds had papaya.


We enjoyed feeding these ones (milk & honey) although their claws were a little sharp and there was some squabbling between the different kinds of birds over who got to feed!


There were quite a few ponds and some of them were full of fish.


I was on the lookout for lizards but I was expecting small ones, not this two foot monitor lizard which was out sunning on a wall but ran up a tree when it saw us. I realized that it might be hard for small lizards to survive with so many birds that would be happy to snack on them.

monitor lizard

At first we thought this oriole had caught a lizard but looking closer we saw it had a large praying mantis. The oriole repeatedly whacked the mantis against the branch, presumably making sure it was good and dead before swallowing it!

oriole caught praying mantis

There were monkeys running around the park, presumably wild. They had a good source of food in robbing the bird feeders.

monkey and baby

At first I thought this was a Wood duck but it turned out to be a Mandarin duck, an asian bird that is closely related.

Mandarin duck

We also visited the aquarium, which is right across from our hotel in the conference center / mall. It wasn't bad, but not nearly as good as the bird park.

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