Saturday, June 16, 2018

Photos of the Week

I haven't seen the jackrabbits for a while so I was happy to see this one. It was smaller so I'm assuming it's one of this year's young.

Jackrabbit (juvenile?)

I always like (and even remember the name of) these cornflowers (aka Bachelor's Buttons)

Corn flower (aka Bachelor's Button)

I look for the Wood Frog several times a day - on the way to work, at lunch, and on the way home. Usually one of those times it's in its usual spot. I'm not sure where it is the rest of the time, but there are plenty of places to hide. Humorously, the spot where I find it is within a few feet of the path to Boffins. But I'm sure the restaurant goers don't notice it. They probably wonder what I'm doing crouching beside the path. It's well camouflaged but easier to spot now that I know what to look for.

Wood frog

I think it's getting fatter. Either it's just finding lots to eat or it's preparing to lay eggs. I think there's just one wood frog, but I can't even be sure I'm seeing the same one each time. The eggs are fertilized after they are laid, so presumably the females might grow eggs even if there wasn't a male around.

Wood frog

I spotted this butterfly and followed it hoping it would land so I could photograph it. It did land, but about 10 feet up in a tree! I held the camera over my head and managed to get this shot. After some research I thought it was an Admiral but I wasn't sure. I submitted it on iNaturalist and it was identified as a Red-spotted Admiral. I adjusted the camera settings since I was shooting against a bright sky, but not enough. It came out pretty much a black silhouette, but luckily the ZS100 has a good enough sensor that I could boost the exposure afterwards.

Red-spotted Admiral

It's hard to appreciate on this small version, but this is one of my sharpest images of a fishing spider. Impressive results from the little ZS100. This is two handheld shots focus stacked.

Fishing spider

It was on a floating piece of bark and I managed to nudge it around with a twig without the spider disappearing underwater. It did get a little disturbed at one point and I managed a little different angle.

Fishing spider

I had the macro lens out today so I took a few shots of nearby flowers.

flower detail



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