Monday, May 28, 2018

Pond Life

Wood frog

I was surprised to find this Wood Frog at the pond at Innovation Place. I generally assume that the pond is too shallow (freezes to the bottom) for frogs to over winter. But if any could, it'd probably be these guys - they can survive being frozen solid. He was well camouflaged, I wouldn't have seen it if it hadn't jumped when I approached. It's interesting that only a small percentage of the photos on-line have the white stripe down the back like this one. I wonder if that's regional. The one I spotted two years ago at Innovation Place also had a white stripe. It's possible this is the same one, although I didn't see it all last summer.

Wood frog

The first of the dragonflies were out. That's good because despite the record dry year the mosquitos are evidently still finding places to breed!


And they were already mating and laying eggs in the pond.

dragonflies laying eggs

The first of the water plants were flowering. I've never noticed these ones before - interesting flowers.

flowering water plant

And last, but not least (to me) the fishing spiders are back :-)

Fishing spider

Fishing spider

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