Monday, May 21, 2018

Gull versus Crab

Walking along the harbor in Victoria (BC) I saw a gull splash into the water and fly up with something in its beak. It landed on the walkway and I saw that it had a crab. But the crab wasn't going to go easily, it was putting up a fight. Luckily I had my camera ready to capture some of the action.

gull versus crab

The gull grabbed the crab by one claw, but crab attacked with its other claw, causing the gull to drop it.

gull versus crab

Now what?

gull versus crab

The gull picked the crab up again and took off with it, maybe intending to drop it from a height like they do with shellfish. But the crab must have attacked again and the gull dropped it, but this time in water too deep to retrieve it. This round went to the crab.

I was surprised how many crabs I saw both in the Victoria Harbor and in the Salt Spring Ganges harbor. Maybe it was the time of year? Or I've just never noticed them before? Here's one in shallow enough water to get a photo. It was larger than the one the gull had.


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