Sunday, March 12, 2017

Still Winter

Now that it's getting light out by the time I walk to work, there have been some beautiful mornings with low sun shining through fog on the river and reflecting off the floating ice. But even for a photo addict like me it's been too darn cold to stop and take photos. By the middle of March I'd hope to at least be photographing melting ice. But no such luck this week.

Saturday morning wasn't much warmer but I bundled up and headed out anyway. It wasn't quite as early as I would have liked because we went out for breakfast first, but it was still nice. It's surprisingly hard to capture the sun glinting off the ice. Definitely a case where you need to take lots of shots and hope for some you like.

sun on floating ice

sun on floating ice

The fog is also tricky to capture, it only stands out against a dark background.

ice and fog  on the river

ice and fog  on the river

There were a few Goldeneye ducks around although, as usual, they tend to swim away as soon as they see you. Or fly away. The fog wasn't helpful taking pictures of these guys.

Goldeneye taking off

Although there wasn't much frost on the trees, there was some on the grass and bushes beside the river. (Although the wind was busy blowing it off.)

frost and ice


In the back alley on my way home the pattern of light through a fence caught my eye.

light on snow

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