Sunday, March 19, 2017

Prints of the Week


I like the way the frog's camouflage blends in with the patterns of the water. I also figured it would go well beside the turtle blending in with the reflections. For a whole book of this kind of photo, check out Art Wolfe's Vanishing Act. I also like the eye and the way it appears to be looking at you.

I also printed one of the recent pronghorn photos.


I thought it was one male (horns) leading a group of females, but if you look closely, the second last one also appears to be a male, probably a younger one. Apart from the horns, the males have a darker stripe on the side of their neck. I like the shallow depth of focus (from the long telephoto) making the foreground and background blurred and making the pronghorn stand out more. Also nice that there are no obvious fences or buildings or other signs of "civilization".

Both prints 13 x 19 on Exhibition Fiber, Epson 3880 printer.

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