Monday, February 20, 2017

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

We loved the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. I'm surprised we hadn't made it here on previous visits. Some of the gardens were closed due to the torrential rain but there was still plenty to see.


Even the view through a rainy car window can be interesting :-)

through a rainy window

A small pond was inhabited by several turtles:


The creek was still strong and muddy from the recent rain:

rushing water

The garden even has a small grove of redwood trees. The wet bark made interesting patterns:

tree bark

We saw a few California poppies on the local hillsides but I suspect it's still early for them.

California poppy

I enjoyed just looking at the trees in the garden.

tree branches

Some of the trees had interesting lichens on them.


And there were some interesting flowers:


Even the agaves had some color:


If you're in the area and you like gardens, it's definitely worth a visit.

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