Friday, January 27, 2017

Zion National Park

After finally escaping the interstate we stopped overnight in Zion National Park. I like to visit during off season when the lodge and trails are empty (relatively) and the white snow contrasts the red cliffs.

trees & red rock

When we arrived at the lodge a flock of wild turkeys were out on the front lawn. They ignored us, as did the deer we encountered.


The other birds, however, were not so cooperative. This Common Merganser let me get reasonably close but then panicked and flew away.

Common Merganser

Whereas this Ruby-crowned Kinglet didn't seem afraid, it just didn't stop moving! This shot was pure luck, funny to see it perched on an icicle! I've wanted to get a good look at one of these since reading about them in Berndt Heinrich's books.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

The cold weather meant frozen waterfalls:


Some of them falling down in the sun:

water/ice fall

As usual, I like the details:

ice crystals


The shaded valley and sunlit red rock made for some good reflections.



Sunlit tree and shady cliffs:

silhouetted tree

Or shaded tree and sunlit cliffs:

silhouetted tree

See 35 photos as a slideshow or overview

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