Tuesday, December 27, 2016


steam lit by low sun

Usually at some point over Christmas I bundle up and escape outdoors to take some photographs. I wouldn't say winter is my favorite subject, but it has its attractions.

Although the bright sun was tempting earlier in the afternoon, I waited to go out until the sun got low and there was some color in the sky.

low sun on snow

There were large numbers of ducks on the river (Goldeneye?) but they swam away when I arrived. There were Canada Geese around till recently but they disappeared soon after the weather got really cold.

ducks (Goldeneye?)

The water level in the river dropped recently, leaving the ice shelved above the water. That meant you had to be a little careful where you walked, but it also created lines of stubby icicles.





If the ice is dirty, sometimes black and white will hide it.



bare trees at sunset

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