Saturday, December 03, 2016

River Walk

This time of year isn't very colorful. No flowers or green leaves, just bare tree branches against gray skies. But there are still things to take photos of.

early morning by the river

It was still quite dark when I started my walk but soon enough the sun came up.

sunrise over the river

Of course, I had to take some reflection photos


These photos were all taken with my new iPhone. After four years with my 5 I upgraded to a 7 plus. I've been making a point of taking photos with it but up till today I hadn't really got much that I was happy with. I'm used to having a zoom lens, and using it a lot, so the wide angle of camera phones is little hard to get used to. The iPhone 7 plus has dual cameras, but the so called "telephoto" lens is only 50mm equivalent, which in photography would be considered a "normal" lens, not telephoto. You can zoom digitally, but that's really just cropping.

As with most small cameras, you have to use wide angle to shoot up close. But it does a reasonable job.

autumn leaf

It was a little colder this morning and there was more ice along the river.


One thing I've never liked about phone photography, especially in the winter with gloves and cold hands, is that they are too slippery and hard to hold. And, unfortunately, the Lightroom app doesn't support using the volume buttons as the shutter release so you're stuck with tapping on the screen with cold fingers. The new iPhone 7 is supposed to be water resistant but I still don't think it would be a good idea to drop it in the river!

beavers at work

One of the nice features is that you can shoot raw with third party camera apps. I've been using the Lightroom app because I'm already in that ecosystem. But if you don't already have a Lightroom subscription then you're probably better off with something like ProCam. One of the nice things I discovered is that if you zoom/crop on the iPhone, it still keeps the entire photo and you can re-crop later. Similarly, any processing you do with Lightroom on the phone can be readjusted on the desktop Lightroom. Another thing I like is that you explicitly choose which lens to use, whereas you have to trust the Apple camera app to choose the right one for you.

snow on moss

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