Sunday, September 25, 2016

Prague in Photos

After flying in to Vienna we took the train to Prague. On Via Rail or Amtrak 90 km/hr feels like you're going to rock and rattle and roll to pieces, here 160 km/hr was smooth and steady. Europe is small to start with (compared to North America) and when you have fast trains, it's even smaller.

I quite liked Prague, or at least the pieces we saw in our few days of random sampling. There were so many amazing old buildings.

Old Town Square

Astronomical clock

I also enjoyed the statues and art scattered around the city, some of it old, and some new.



The river is a central part of the city.

Charles Bridge

view across the river

And I enjoyed all the swans and ducks on it



I like the stone sidewalks and cobblestones streets of old European cities.

stone sidewalks


The one "new" building we went to see, Dancing House, was somewhat spoiled by the recycling bins and the "Office for Rent" sign but still interesting, if somewhat of a contrast to the surrounding architecture.

Dancing House

It's always interesting to go to markets in different places. This Prague market on Saturdays by the river was a mix of actual produce, and tourist stuff. As you can see, it was busy!


fruit in the market

We stayed with Shelley's cousin who is there teaching English as a second language. (Thanks Sheri!) When we got off the metro at her stop I was surprised to be greeted by large glass buildings populated by IBM, Oracle, Dell, etc. Apparently Prague is the gateway to the East. The other surprise was that the small area of lawn outside the metro had quite a large population of rabbits. It seems like a strange place for them to live.

metro rabbit

We didn't see much other wildlife, but there were a few birds in the parks



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