Saturday, September 10, 2016

Photos of the Day

Walking across the railway bridge on the way to work, I noticed a large bird on a bare tree branch. At first I thought it might be a hawk since I've seen several around this area. But then the head looked white so I thought it might be a bald eagle. I pulled out my camera and took a few photos. I knew they wouldn't be great since I was too far away, but I figured I might be able to zoom in enough to identify it. It was still there when I got to the end of the bridge so I headed towards it to get a better view. Unfortunately, as soon as I got anywhere near it flew away.

Looking at the photos on the computer, I was surprised to see it was an osprey, and not only that, but it had caught a good sized fish. As expected it's not a great photo, but it served its purpose.

osprey with fish

Once I had my camera out I couldn't resist a few raindrop covered flowers.



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