Sunday, May 08, 2016

More Spring Photos

With the recent warmer than usual weather spring has been advancing rapidly and the apple and cherry trees are blossoming.


The white ones are always a bit of a challenge to photograph, a bit like taking photos of snow. To the eye they look so bright in the sun, but if you're not careful the camera will make that gray, or too bright and you lose the highlights. Here's a high key (bright) treatment:


I'm not sure what these next ones are, but they have interesting flowers. Ants (another sign of spring progression) were visiting these.


These ones almost look like miniature roses.


The leaves are progressing well and the trees are turning green.

new leaves

A male mallard seems to have taken up residence at the pond at Innovation Place. He likes to sit on the grass in the shade under the tree. But spring is the start of wedding season and that patch of grass is also a favorite with the wedding photographers. Every time he's chased from his spot he jumps in the pond and complains loudly. Once the intruders are gone he returns to his spot.

Mallard duck

And another final shot of low sun through new leaves and seeds on the walk home after work.

new leaves and seeds

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