Saturday, May 21, 2016

Birds on the River

We got out on the river in our kayaks last weekend. I had already taken lots of photos over the previous few days and was still behind in processing them so I didn't grab my camera. But Shelley immediately said, "Where's your camera? You'll be sorry if you don't bring it." She was right, so I ran and got it and the big lens (since birds were the most likely subject). She probably regretted it shortly afterwards since she ended up having to wait around while I took photos! We spotted a pair of Canada geese with goslings as we were paddling upstream, so it meant paddling past them, drifting back taking photos, and then paddling back up stream to where Shelley was patiently waiting.

Canada geese and goslings

The goslings are always such cute little yellow puff balls.

Canada geese goslings

I didn't identify these American Wigeons until I got home and looked them up. (The mallards, of course, were familiar.)

American Wigeon pair

The male didn't have as much green on his head as most of the bird guide photos.

American Wigeon male

The mallard male, on the other hand, had plenty of green on his head!

Mallard male

We spotted another family of Canada geese, this time on the water, going downstream with us and easier to photograph.

Canada geese and goslings

Canada geese and goslings

These were shot with the 7200 and the 150-600 (225-900 equivalent). It's a little challenging to hand hold, especially in a rocking kayak, but do-able with a high shutter speed and the stabilized lens. The thought of dropping that expensive setup in the water makes me a little nervous, but there's no point having it if you don't use it. And I love the eye level shots you get from the kayak. (Photo of me thanks to Shelley)

me taking bird photos

For more of these photos, see all 19 as a slideshow or overview

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